It was in 2003 when the friends Pía Miranda (Chile) and Felix Hildenbrand (Germany) finally found the ‚missing link‘ to form a band: Olivier Lob (France) was the perfect match and shared their love for Brazilian music.

A debut album was recorded in Cologne and the first performances were held in the streets of scenic cities and villages in Southern France. Soon, they started conquering clubs and festivals in France, Germany and the Netherlands.

In 2007, Rémi Dombre (France) completed the quartet and in 2008, Gosto Delicado recorded their second CD in Montcabrier/France with guest appearances by Markus Stockhausen, Claudio Puntin and Fred San Pascual.

Within the years, the band reinforced the link with Pía’s hometown Cologne resulting in collaborations with legendary local heroes ‚De Höhner‘ and the Brazilian choir ‚Vozes do Brasil‘. When Cologne started a town twinning with Rio de Janeiro in 2012, Gosto Delicado started including traditional repertoire from Cologne played in a Brazilian fashion. These songs will play a key role in the next album ‚Alemanofônico‘, to be released on the Dutch label ‚Silvox‘ in january 2015.

In 2014, Matthias Haffner (Germany) replaced Rémi Dombre on percussion.


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